Congratulations to Raspberry Pi

Brilliant piece of kit – I love it! The Raspberry Pi reminds me of the home computer hobby age of the 1980’s ushered in by the likes of Sinclair and Commodore computers. The Raspberry Pi has won an award from the Academy of Engineering. The company, based in Cambridge, created …


Interest rate rise due soon?

Interest rate rise due soon? Will they – won’t they? A rate rise has been on the discussion agenda for some time now. Recent comments from the Bank of England MPC have been somewhat confusing, leaving us none the wiser again. With the next policy meeting due on 3rd August …


Apple iPhone is 10

Apple iPhone is 10 Ten years ago on 29th June 2007 the first Apple iPhone went on sale – the device went on to revolutionise the world of communications technology. I recall the reports covering the arrival of the iPhone presented with the now traditional theatrical staged managed announcement, a …


Google shop record fine

Google shop record fine. It’s no secret Google has been fined 2.42 billion euros ($2.7 billion; £2.1 billion) by the European Commission. The commission said Google had abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service first at the top of search results. If true – this potentially has …


Cyber attack take two

Cyber attack take two. Snapping at the heels of a sustained ransomware cyber-attack attributed to virtually bringing the NHS to its knees, and with many other businesses infected world-wide, we now experience yet another attack, this time on parliament. It transpires that many email accounts were hacked due to a …


The robots are coming

The robots are coming. Autonomous vehicle anyone? Self-drive car hire that self-drives – literally. I might be jumping the gun a bit – but presumably this is the idea. How long will it be before we can hire a self-drive vehicle that drives itself. Waymo, the self-driving car unit of …


Bank bail out cost 5.2 billion euros

Bank bail out cost 5.2 billion euros. I notice in the news today that the Italian government is bailing out two more of its banks at a reported cost of 5.2 billion euros (£4.6 billion; $5.8 billion). This comes not long after the Monte dei Paschi bank bail out. It’s …


Warren Buffett splashes the cash

Warren Buffett splashes the cash Warren Buffett… is probably the worlds greatest investor, certainly to me anyhow. I can’t get enough of this guy. What is he up to now? He has invested in a Canadian lender (non-bank), Home Capital Group. Through his Berkshire Hathaway Group Warren Buffet has invested …


Dream pay days for US Bosses

Dream pay days for US Bosses As a mere mortal, I guess I can only dream of such earnings as these. With yearly incomes for the 5 biggest US bosses ranging from approximately $99 million to $236 million (including stock options don’t you know). Four of these big top 5 …


Oil pressure downward slide continues

Oil pressure downward slide continues Oil down again. A barrel of Brent crude fell below $45.00 and US crude fell to below $43.00 a barrel – the lowest price so far this year. This is the lowest level now in seven months!