Sterling soars to one year high

Sterling soars to one year high. The Bank of England’s strong hint that an interest rate rise could be sooner rather than later pushed the pound higher yesterday. Sterling continued to make gains against the dollar this morning and moved above $1.35. Its highest level since September 2016. Is a …


Sterling on the move

Sterling on the move Following the Bank of England’s interest rates comments Sterling is surging ahead. The pound smashed through $1.33 to reach a high of $1.3355 I’ll keep you posted.


Euro up against the dollar

Euro up against the dollar. The euro has been on a roll recently. This year it is up 15% against the US dollar and just a few months off a three year high. So far, the pound holds on to gains and is currently (08/09/19 AM) up against both the …


Sterling one pound – a brief history

Sterling one pound – a brief history. NOTE: this rambles a bit, but bear with me… I’ll come back to it and tidy it up at a later date – maybe. A pound coin originally weighed one troy pound of sterling silver. This gave the currency the name pound sterling …


Sterling stumbles

Sterling stumbles The pound fell both against the Euro and dollar yesterday (23/08/17) and continues to struggle. The pound fell to an eight low yesterday at $1.2782 Will the pound come under more pressure from ECB president Mario Draghi when he makes his speech at Jackson Hole on Friday? Fed …


Sterling trading up

Sterling trading up The £pound was up against the $dollar at $1.325 – as traders await the Bank of England policy decision due at midday 3rd August.