WPP Group PLC reports slowing sales

WPP Group PLC reports slowing sales WPP Group PLC reported slowing sales yesterday and warned about future growth. WPP is seen as bellwether for the advertising industry. It is suggested that clients are bypassing more traditional advertising methods in favour of digital platforms such as google and Facebook. How will …


Walmart sales growth continues

Walmart sales growth continues – sales were up 2.1% to 31st July 2017 to $123.40 billion on previous year.  Asda, a Walmart subsidiary also reported positive sales – the first in three years. Visit Wal-Mart Stores PLC (WMT) for  accounts report summary


UK retail growth slows

UK Retail growth slows as shoppers cut back on some items but not on food. These latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) attracted comment from some analysts suggesting that the UK consumer is in a better place than expected and this could bode well for the future. …


Mixed bag for NEXT PLC

Mixed bag for NEXT PLC NEXT PLC (NXT) reports sales at its stores were down but online sales through its NEXT Directory were up! Overall sales for period May – July 2017 were up by slightly less than 1% at 0.7% NEXT PLC share price was up 7.8% (03/08/17 at: …