Euro up against the dollar

Euro up against the dollar. The euro has been on a roll recently. This year it is up 15% against the US dollar and just a few months off a three year high. So far, the pound holds on to gains and is currently (08/09/19 AM) up against both the …


Sterling one pound – a brief history

Sterling one pound – a brief history. NOTE: this rambles a bit, but bear with me… I’ll come back to it and tidy it up at a later date – maybe. A pound coin originally weighed one troy pound of sterling silver. This gave the currency the name pound sterling …


£ Pound falls back

£ Pound falls back The £pound has fallen back against the $dollar to £1.31 (earlier, before the BoE interest announcement, the £pound was at $1.325). The FTSE 100 has climbed to 7450 after the Bank of England news.