Latest UK inflation figures

Latest UK inflation figures Inflation is unchanged from July to remain at 2.6% – UK inflation reached 2.9% in June 2016 the highest value so far this year. The Bank of England target is 2%


Oil prices fall

Oil prices fall Stock markets are up – oil is down. It appears oversupply fears are playing a part in dragging prices down. It’s beginning to look like oil prices may level out at around $50.00 a barrel.


DOW Jones above 22000 again – but for how long?

DOW Jones above 22000 again – but for how long? The DOW Jones Industrial Average moved above 22000 again today – but for how long? Markets generally appear calmer for the time being as the rhetoric between the US and North Korea subsides. The FTSE 100, DAX 30 and S&P …


Gold gives

Gold gives Gold gives up some of its recent gains as it falls back from its two month high. Its not unusual for gold demand to be higher during uncertain periods such as geopolitical tensions. Gold is perceived as a ‘safe haven’ during periods of uncertainty. As stability returns – …


Asian markets head back up

Asian markets head back up Despite disappointing economic data from China and continuing tensions between North Korea and the US . Asian markets chugged higher on Monday breaking a three day losing streak.


European markets regain ground

European markets regain ground Tensions between North Korea and the US unsettled markets last week. This morning European indices have recovered somewhat. The FTSE 100 rebounded by 50 points touching 7350 and the DAX 30 was up by 130 points raising it above the 12000 mark it fell below last …


Snap shares fall

Snap shares fall Snap Inc. share price is under pressure again on Thursday (10/08/17) after quarterly figures showed losses. The share price dropped by 14%. Facebook offer similar features and this is placing some pressure on Snap Inc. Snap Inc. shares were priced at $17.00 for its IPO – they …


Gold gains as a safe haven

Gold gains as a safe haven Gold is often considered a safe haven for investors during periods of uncertainty and with the continuing tension between the US and North Korea, now is no exception. Gold reached $1291 earlier (11/08/17) but has since fallen back.


DOW Jones below 22000

DOW Jones below 22000 Escalating tensions between the US and North Korea have pushed the DOW Jones Industrial Average below 22000 for the first time in August as investors become concerned. Other indices are under pressure including the FTSE 100 and DAX 30


UK Economic growth slows

UK Economic growth slows UK Economic growth slows as latest data suggests UK economic growth appears to remain sluggish. With the backdrop of a weaker pound and improving global growth its somewhat surprising exporters aren’t doing better than this data suggests. The service sector also appears to have slowed. Consumer …