German growth continues

German growth continues Latest figures show the retail sector helped the German economy grow. Gross domestic product (GDP) rose 0.6% on previous quarter. These initial figures are open to revision at a later date. Imports grew faster than exports.


UK economic data to look out for this week

UK economic data to look out for this week Economic data is due this week (14/08/17 – 18/08/17). The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is due to announce latest employment figures and retail data (Wed & Thu). But before that on Tuesday 15th August inflation figures are also due – …


Oil prices fall

Oil prices fall Stock markets are up – oil is down. It appears oversupply fears are playing a part in dragging prices down. It’s beginning to look like oil prices may level out at around $50.00 a barrel.


DOW Jones above 22000 again – but for how long?

DOW Jones above 22000 again – but for how long? The DOW Jones Industrial Average moved above 22000 again today – but for how long? Markets generally appear calmer for the time being as the rhetoric between the US and North Korea subsides. The FTSE 100, DAX 30 and S&P …


Is the DVD dead?

Is the DVD dead? Is streaming killing the DVD? If Amazon’s decision to shelve its Lovefilm DVD by post service is anything to go by – then yes! Amazon says decreasing demand for its DVD movie postal service will mean it will close this year. Is it goodbye DVD? – …


Japan GDP Improves

Japan GDP Improves Japan’s economy grew 2.5% – this was above analysts expectations – up 4% year on year. Japan is the third largest economy in the world. The economy has been struggling for decades so this continuing improvement will be welcome news.


Mining for Lithium in Cornwall?

Mining for Lithium in Cornwall? In a previous post I mentioned I was looking for investment opportunities related to companies involved with the electric car – especially with it about to go mainstream. Glencore was one such company I was reviewing when I came across this little known start-up, Cornish …


Telit Communications PLC

Telit Communications PLC (TCM) ‘popped’ on to my radar screen this morning after noticing its share price jump 13%. This is a share price rebound after falling previously due to the resignation of its boss. Telit is a Internet of Things (IoT) innovative company counting Tesla as one of its …


Standard Life Aberdeen

Standard Life Aberdeen I noticed on the Standard Life website this morning a statement saying that, ‘the merger between Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management has formally completed’. This is of interest to me as I have investments with Standard Life. The newly formed enterprise can be located here:


Gold gives

Gold gives Gold gives up some of its recent gains as it falls back from its two month high. Its not unusual for gold demand to be higher during uncertain periods such as geopolitical tensions. Gold is perceived as a ‘safe haven’ during periods of uncertainty. As stability returns – …