FTSE 100 close to record high

FTSE 100 close to record high The FTSE 100 index was just 5 points off its record high today (08/08/17) when it closed at: 7542. The FTSE 100 reached 7547 back at the beginning of June 2017. Are new records to be set this week?


Internet security software

Internet security software There is absolutely no good reason not to protect your PC, laptop, netbook or mobile – and NO excuse will do! Internet security software is affordable. There are free programs out there that do a decent basic job or for just a few pounds you can buy a …


Is retail sales growth slower?

Is retail sales growth slower? Are households reining in their spending as retailers see slower sales growth in July? New Look reported falling sales and profits citing the current market as ‘difficult’. Recently the retailer NEXT PLC reported a mixed bag of results saying high street shopping growth had slowed …


Online security – what can I do to stay safe online?

Online security is important! Hacking and cyber-attacks have become part of our everyday online lives now and we need to take these threats very seriously. There is much we can do to protect ourselves online. Here are a few simple general steps we can all take to help keep our …


Hack Attack!

Hack Attack! A warning from the government suggests businesses could face fines if they do not do more to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. In-light of the recent ransomware cyber attacks that left many companies woefully exposed to these threats, the government is forcing the issue by suggesting firms will be …